Cannot install any applications in opensuse 13.2, KDE

Anytime I try to install or edit any software it gives me the notice “cannot access installation media” and I do not know what’s going on. I am very new to Linux as this is my first time using it (coming over from Windows 8.1 a mere day ago) so I honestly have no clue what is wrong. I apologize if this topic has been resolved but I need this issue fixed asap. And please simplify it. If I am asked to do something to fix it please let me know each step in detail. As I said I am brand new to Linux so I am very lost.

2 things you can do
#1 plug the install DVD/USB
this is not a good idea as there are updates online and putting the install medium anytime you want to install an app is tiresome, so do #2.
#2 disable the install disk
the easiest way for a new user to do it is to use yast
start yast go to repository management, find the install DVD (or USB) disable or remove it, the only reason to keep it is if you have dial-up and can’t download updates
there is a nice guide with pictures here


My solution requires that you know how to use the shell and become a super user

The steps are as follows

  1. Open a terminal it is the same thing as the command prompt in your favorite windows os.

  2. switch to the root user.

su -

it will ask you for the root’s password it is the admin in your favorite windows OS.

  1. Then run the code below
zypper mr -dl

That should do it. You can try to install something otherwise use the GUI frontend for software management which was mention on the previous reply.

The last code will disable any local repository which is most likely the installer media that is not present.

The second option worked perfectly. Thank you very much to you both.