Cannot get Bumblebee to work 13.2

I’ve been trying for days to get Bumblebee to work, preferably with the NVIDIA driver. I’ve tried every fix and recommendation I can find and have had absolutely no luck. Mind you, it worked under 13.1 exactly as expected and documented.

Interesting caveat is that using the official .rpm always causes udev to fail leaving me with a non-working system (thank the gods for btrfs).

At this point, I’d be inclined to say that Bumblebee no longer works with openSUSE at all. I’d rather be proven wrong before writing my openSUSE 13.2 review.

I can’t setup bumblebee and nvidia too.
I tried for two days now to get them to work without success. Never had any problem on previous releases of opensuse or on other distros.
Bumblebee wiki page on opensuse is outdated.
Is there someone who managed to install and setup optimus laptop on opensuse 13.2?