Cannot get bbc iplayer working on oS12.2

I installed get_iplayer and get_iplayer-pvr from the packman repo. Starting get_iplayer-pvr from the kicker menu launches the get_iplayer-pvr in my FF browser. However I am unable to play any streams. I have vlc installed as well as the vlc browser plugin as well as the multimedia codecs from the one-click described in the multimedia article on this forum.

Pressing on the ‘play’ link for a programme in get_iplayer-pvr opens the vlc player in my browser window but nothing plays. I am not sure if I’ve missed something or misunderstood how this is supposed to work. Can someone that has got this working please offer some help.

Here is the log output. I don’t know what that unknown encoder error is about. It is installed. I apologise about the log being an image but the window wouldn’t allow me to copy the text.](