Cannot generate bar code from plasma clipboard

I’ve recently installed Leap 42.2 and am using the Plasma desktop. Under openSUSE 13.2 I used the bar code generator functionality of klipper regularly but I cannot find this in 42.2, there is no such button or menu item.
Could it be that some dependency is missing? I did remove some packages from the default install but did not force any dependency conflicts.
I do see files which I suppose are required:

ls -l /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.clipboard/contents/ui/

total 32
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 4059 Nov 1 13:23 BarcodePage.qml
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 10761 Nov 1 13:23 ClipboardItemDelegate.qml
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 4522 Nov 1 13:23 ClipboardPage.qml
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 3405 Nov 1 13:23 clipboard.qml
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 1951 Nov 1 13:23 Menu.qml


For this functionality, you need to build plasma5-workspace with the prison library.

But a KF5 port was not available (at least not in released form) until recently.

prison is now part of KDE Frameworks since 5.29.0 (and is also in Factory/Tumbleweed since a few days), so we can enable barcode support in the clipboard now.

But only in KDE:Frameworks5 and Tumbleweed.
42.2 only has KDE Frameworks 5.26, and that won’t be upgraded.

Thanks for the quick answer. Is it supposed to work right now in KDE:Frameworks5 and Tumbleweed or does it still need development?
I tried updating packages to KDE:Frameworks5 in a test environment but still no luck.
I have libprison0 installed, I also tried adding libKF5Prison5 manually (wasn’t automatically selected).

Not yet.
prison needs to be added to the build requirements first.
Not a big deal though, the main problem here was that prison was not available at all until recently as mentioned.

Maybe when 5.9 is released next Tuesday.
Upto then there are no changes possible anyway, because we already have 5.9 final in the repo but are not allowed to publish it before it’s actually released… :wink:

I have libprison0 installed, I also tried adding libKF5Prison5 manually (wasn’t automatically selected).

libprison0 is the KDE4 version.
Installing libKF5Prison5 manually won’t help either, as you need to build plasma5-workspace with prison (otherwise the functionality is missing completely).

FYI, it is enabled now in KDE:Frameworks5:

Though as mentioned you need to wait till Tuesday, when Plasma 5.9.0 final will be released.

Understood, thank you for your help.

If anyone else is interested in a work-around under Leap 42.2, one possibility is to set up a clipboard action that does something similar. If you have the packages qrencode and ImageMagick installed then:

  • Add a new action to the Clipboard applet
  • Set the regular expression of the new action to “.” (enter a single dot without the quotes)
  • Add the following command:
qrencode -o - "%s" | display -geometry -100-100
  • Set the description of the command to “Show QR code”