Cannot find wine

I looked through the forums for a little and couldn’t find something similar to what is happening to me.
openSUSE 11.1 with KDE 4 on a dell laptop.
I added the wine repository, then installed it, under software management, by going to the repository filter and clicking wine. I checked the prelink, unshield, and wine. Hit the accept button and it did its thing and downloaded and installed the software. However, now I cannot seem to find it anywhere on my system. I looked through the entire application launcher and used the search for “wine” and nothing came up.
Forgive me I am new, but can’t seem to get it.

It’s a hidden folder in /home
Have a look at the tutorial link in my signature


Awesome set of instructions. Got me up and going, highly recommended for new wine users!
Is there anyway I can add a link to wine somewhere in my applications folder though?

Depends what you mean.
You can drag the wine folder to create a link in KDE not sure about Gnome.
Also you should fund an entry in kicker under applications


In this location if it is possible under applications.](

Never mind I removed wine through terminal, logged into root, and made sure it was removed. Then trough terminal I installed the application, and now it is in applications menu. Thanks for all the help!

I installed wine, and it never appeared in any menu, I really haven’t yet tried to create wine shortcuts, i just simply go into terminal and type in:

linux-dcc9:/home/A13k # wine "/windows/c/whatever/the/path/is.exe" 

And it just loads it. When I try to install .exe installation files, I just simply right click on it, and open it with wine.

The only program I have found not to work for some reason is Skype( I use to stay in touch with friends).

Some people say that Photoshop CS4 won’t work, surprisingly any of the CS4 Master Collection Apps works fine for me.