Cannot find the HTTP config option in YAST

On my Tumbleweed system I went to the Network section on the YAST gui to configure my Apache install but there is no HTTP Server option on the screen. Looking for a package called yast-http-server or yast2-http-server but it is not in the standard repos!

Am I going mad as it does exist on my Leap 15.5 system! Where has it disappeared to on Tumbleweed?


Sorry, I deleted my other (first Reply) cause I specified the rwong option

In Yast2 … Software Management, set the View to Patterns .
Then find Web and Lamp Server (?)


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That is already all installed and still does not show up the HTTP option on the screen


Geez … I was rwong twice :slight_smile:

How about Patterns … Yast Server Utilities (?)

Well no locations that I’ve tried show yast2-http-server as an installable package for Tumbleweed. So it looks like it has disappeared.

Anyone any ideas please?


When the package yast-http-server is not available on the repos, no Pattern will be able to address it.

So the main question of the OP is still: Why is it in Leap 15.5 (and I can say also on 15.4), but not on Tumbleweed?

I’m sure I’ve used it in the past on this desktop TW/KDE system but it is not there, neither is it on a new install on another small PC. But it is indeed on 15.5.

I’ve been searching round to try to find out but have not succeeded. Neither can I find any explanation.


To my knowledge, there’s never been a “yast http server” … there IS an “Apache http server” (it’s what I’ve always used for years).

A link below might interest you, because it mentions “15.5” doesn’t have what you’re looking for (the URL has nothing to do with the screenshot)

openSUSE Software, but TW does.


There has been a yast2-http-server package but it was removed from Tumbleweed because it was totally bugged at the end and obsolete

“Obsolete” implies “there is some replacement”. Which does not exist.

1205363 – [Build 20221111] yast2_dns_server: explicit call to netconfig (

No there wasn’t, but there is:

boven:~ # zypper se  yast2-http-server
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name              | Summary                           | Type
i | yast2-http-server | YaST2 - HTTP Server Configuration | package
  | yast2-http-server | YaST2 - HTTP Server Configuration | srcpackage

    Note: For an extended search including not yet activated remote resources please use 'zypper
boven:~ # 

I also think your are confusing the product Apache2 itself with the YaST module that can be used to configure it.

My point is the available and well known “http server” has always been Apache. It’s in there under Web and LAMP Server, if you’re looking in Yast2.

Or might try zypper in apache2, (either way) and be done with it :+1:

Correct … that Yast http thing gave you the http configuration via Yast2 GUI.

Personally, I never used it … I always configured Apache manually because the GUI was too restrictive.

That may be your point, but the OP does not have any problem with installing Apache.

In his first sentence he says:

Thus he has it already installed. And later he states:

As reaction on a suggestion to install the LAMP Pattern.

So it is there! And your point is of no importance in this thread.

But he wants to configure it. And there always was (on Leap still is) a YaST module for that to help. The name of the package is yast2-http-server. It exist in the OSS repo of many openSUSE versions for years. But now it is missing on Tumbleweed.

And @hui has an explanation for it.

I hope this helps to understand the flow of this thread from top to bottom :wink:

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I always appreciate your useful comments. Most dictionaries refute your substantive comment.
It means in most cases „old and no longer used“.

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I am not a native English speaker, and usually see it (in relation to software) in “obsolete by …” form. So, I am probably mistaken.

@hui thanks for the pointers I will take a look. At least now I understand what happened and I’m not going barmy :wink:


Stuart – it didn’t disappear – it moved – <>

 # zypper addrepo
 # zypper refresh
 # zypper install yast2-http-server

@dcurtisfra Did you check your link? This package seems broken as can be seen if you open the link…

Ooops!! …

Is this part of the YaST reconfiguration mentioned at this year’s conference?