Cannot find for tomcat 6

So I have installed tomcat 6 on my computer, or at least as far as I can tell I have, and I cannot find where the is located. I found a folder called /usr/share/tomcat6 that houses a bin folder but there is no inside it. Am I missing something?

Update: looked around and found out I should try calling rctomcat6, however, I get
bash: rctomcat6: command not found

I checked my init.d folder and there is an object there called tomcat that apears to be a link(shortcut? Sorry linux newb).

  • partyk1d24 wrote, On 10/21/2008 05:36 PM:
    > So I have installed tomcat 6 on my computer

How? If it was an Opensuse rpm, you should have a service installed, so try e.g.
rctomcat6 status
as root.
If you have installed it manually, I’d search for the startup script. It doesn’t depend on Suse where this goes.