cannot find pthread library in opensuse


I want to do multithread programming on my computer and i am on openSUSE 11.1. I read on the net that i must use a library like openMP or pThread .

Where would i find these two? and, to your experience, which library would you suggest to begin multi thread computing in?

My case is scientific and requires low I/O but very much “search algorithm”.


– A.

Try a search @ Webpin

What is MinGW ? should i install this already ?

Google: MinGW - Google Search

so it’s for windows right?

mingw is minimal gnu for windows, but it has been ported back to linux, meaning you can build windows apps using gcc in windows or linux.
But think this is side tracked from your original question.

I did a google search on pthread and this was near the top:
Linux Tutorial: POSIX Threads

basically you need gcc/g++ and pthread devel files (pthread.h) all of which should be attainable through yast.