Cannot find anymore libmcrypt-devel


I cannot find anymore libmcrypt which was in leap 15.0
and libmcrypt-devel from obs security:privacy repository to compile my nagios nsca version.

Any hints were to get?



Perhaps ask the maintainers why it’s been disabled, maybe there are security implications?

Else branch and build or grab the src rpm and rebuild locally.
Available for a Leap 15.1 from Community repos.

That is just plain scary… that software is 12+ years old, who knows what security holes are around for it, it was dropped after openSUSE Leap 42.3, likely a more up to date alternative available.

At OP, you should ask the maintainers why it was dropped.

That package (since removed from search) may be old, but it’s not like current libmcrypt development libraries and headers aren’t available generally… I see Fedora and CentOS packages for the most recent version of libmcrypt available (a couple months old).

Someone may want to look into why the automatic build of the headers aren’t in sync with the main library…

I’d expect that someone (Malcolm?) is already looking into this, but if someone is in a hurry, my guess is that a Fedora RPM will work if it’s the exact same (or close enough) to the installed libmcrypt library.