Cannot dowload new Plasma widgets

When I click on “Get new widgets -> Download New Plasma Widgets”, I only get two widgets returned, “Weather Widget” and “Yahoo! Weather Widget”. Searching for anything besides these two gives me zero results. I was able to download and install a few widgets before on all my machines without issue (specifically “Simple System Monitor” and “Thermal Monitor”). Am I the only one having this issue or is it a known problem?

This is occurring on two laptops, a desktop, and a VM all running Leap 42.3, as well as an old install of Leap 42.2 on one of the laptops. I’ve tried on three different networks as well. I tested on a Kubuntu VM and I’m able to download widgets on there just fine.

Known problem, there are two openSUSE bug reports about it already.

Although, it’s likely not an openSUSE problem IMHO.
After all, the KDE store is managed by KDE, and the software comes from KDE too… :wink:

Maybe a change upstream that we should backport to the versions shipped in Leap 42.3, though.

Anyway, I haven’t found the time yet to investigate, maybe tomorrow.

Thanks wolfi323! I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy or something and breaking every Leap installation I touched. I’d done a few web searches but I guess I didn’t use the right keywords.

Agreed it’s more of a KDE issue, but since all but my KDE instances (except the Kubuntu 14.04 running KDE 4) are Leap, I figured I’d keep the scope as narrow as possible.

Hope this gets fixed soon, my desktop still has some free space I simply must cover with widgets!

You can also go to in your web browser and download them manually though. :wink:

Basically you’d just need to extract them to the right place, or use something like “plasmapkg2 -i archivename” (I think) to do that for you.
But there might be instruction at the downloads pages anyway.

If you need help with the “installation”, feel free to ask though.

Whoohoo! No need, looks like downloading/installing through Plasma is working again! Thanks for your help!

Great to hear! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info.

Maybe it was a (temporary) KDE server problem then, or something like that…