Cannot Create Install DVD (that works)

Greetings forumites! First time poster here…

Ok, so I created an install CD and installed 11.2, but I’d like to take advantage of all the goodness the 4.2GB install DVD iso has to offer and re-install… but for some reason, I cannot create it (well, at least one that works). I’ve even tried an 8GB thumb drive using UNetbootin and still nothing.

I’ve used K3B and Brasero on the laptop I intend to install to burn the CD and DVD (on a low setting), so I know they’re not the problem. I checked the md5sum, and it’s good, so I know it’s not that. I’ve booted with other Live CDs/DVDs and thumb drives, so I know they’re good and the BIOS settings are correct. Again, the problem seems to point to the DVD iso, as I’ve used the CD iso without a problem.

So, two questions:

  1. Is there something I’m not aware of about the DVD iso?

  2. Should I leave the installation I used with the CD as is, but use the DVD’s info to upgrade it?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


As you have already installed openSUSE 11.2, you won’t gain anything from a re-install.

All of the software on the DVD (and more) is available from the repositories, just go to install software and search for what you want.

Merry Christmas.

Hey Barry, thanks for the help… I kinda figured that’s what I’d do.

Is anyone aware of a listing of what’s on the DVD iso?

Success! Here’s what I did…

I transfered the DVD iso from my laptop to the desktop (running Ubuntu 8.04), burnt the iso to a new DVD using K3B, popped it in the laptop, and voila! It worked!! The only thing I did different was that on the laptop I burnt the iso at 2.4 speed, whilst on the desktop I used 4.0 speed.

I’m not sure what motivated me, but I know I wasn’t happy about downloading a 4.2GB file that up to that point was useless… I had to try something!

So anyways, I now have 11.2 happily running on my HP dv6500 laptop (i586, KDE)… now, onto those multimedia codecs! :wink:

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Welcome to the forums, happy openSUSE X-mas experience