Cannot copy file in server Windows using Dolphi

Dear friends,

I update my system to 11.3 and cannot copy file(s) to Windows Server 2003 by Dolphi (smb://user@server/shared). After error inform for dialog box, I click on Cancel Button and see the file, or better, part of file (32.0 KiB) try copy. I can create folder, create file empty, but not copy file or files. The problem isn’t permission, because I inform my credentials correctly. Any idea???

PS: Sorry my english! :-/

carlindo wrote:
> PS: Sorry my english! :-/

you english is pretty good, no sorry required…

if you don’t get an answer here you might consider asking a forum
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What exactly does the dialog error message display?

Tks by suggestion!

So, Cannot copy the file. I access normally with my credentials, but any file copied is saved only 32.0 KiB, sometime less (20.0 KiB). If I mount using CIFS, it’s work! One exit I thing, but, in version 11.2, the mapping network and read/write files and folders work perfect. Details, the shared it’s same, nothing was changed, except my version of openSUSE.

Could not write to file smb://carlindo@, when cancel, only 32.0 KiB of file is saved (the file have 420.3 KiB).

When you copy is / mounted or not? If not mounted then mount it.

Not mount, how I always used in the previous version of openSUSE. If we mount using CIFS first it’s work, but before, I used Dolphi of KDE and inform address smb://bla blab lll… inform my pass on dialog box not work in version 11.3. I have other computer running 11.2 and work perfect, any annormaly with 11.3, try continued find.

AFAIK in 11.2 when smb://blah.blah or “Connect to Server” it mounts the file system for me. If you have to mount them in 11.3 that’s the difference. Is there a /etc/