Cannot convert .obscpio to .tar.xz with _service file

Question 1)
I am trying to build a font package.
I am using a _service file to download the source code.

The _service file look like this
Which I refer from

  <service name="obs_scm">
    <param name="url">git://</param>
    <param name="scm">git</param>
    <param name="revision">master</param>
    <param name="versionprefix">0.0.20191123+git</param>
  <service mode="buildtime" name="tar" />
  <service mode="buildtime" name="recompress">
    <param name="file">*.tar</param>
    <param name="compression">xz</param>
  <service mode="buildtime" name="set_version" />

But I can’t get a .tar.xz out of it.

Question 2) How do I delete a file or folder from the source with _service file? Let’s say for example, the author have some proprietary fonts mixed with opensource fonts. And I want to only remove proprietary fonts. Thanks.

Not sure, I use tar_scm…

For question two, don’t… :wink: Sources should be pristine else they won’t pass source checks upstream as well as end user scrutiny etc, so just remove during the build then a user can see what your doing.

I solved it, I missed spelled the folder name.
From what I have read, tar_scm is depreciated?

Thanks for the help.