Cannot connect to the Internet?

Download (curl) error for’’:
Error code: Connection failed Error message: Could not resolve host:; Name or service not known

Can anyone tell me what is going on here and how to resolve it please?

An inability to resolve is a DNS problem. How is your networking
configured? Has this ever worked? Change something recently? Do other
systems on the same network work, and if so how are they different


ip addr
ip route
grep -v ‘^#’ /etc/resolv.conf

Good luck.

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You do not have a propper DNS server configured. the result is that can not be resolved to an IP address.

You can test if you can reach the system:

ping -c1

When that is OK it is only the DNS.

BTW when you realy couldn’t reach the Internet, you wouln’t be able to browse there using FF (or another browser) and you wouldn’t be able to post on the Forums.

Check your DNS server configuration (and post it when you need advice):

grep -v '^#' /etc/resolv.conf