Cannot connect to the internet Huawei EC 325USB modem

Dear All

I tried to connect to the huawei cdma EC325 modem. using the network manager applet. System asked which tpe of connection i selected cdma and gave the username and password for the account and the password for my opensuse account.Still i cannot connect to the internet using huawei ec325 modem.How to rectify the problem What shall i do next.


Without being familiar with that particular huawei model, you may find that it is better handled as a modem device with kinternet, or wvdial (CLI utility). Use the package manager to install one of these first.

This may work for you to do that

zypper in kinternet

With your device plugged in, you should see ‘/dev/ttyUSB*’ appear

ls -l /dev/ttyUSB*

Then configure your device as a modem with

YaST > Hardware > Modem

The kinternet dialler should then be able to work with this device.

This guide shows how to connect with wvdial. Use the YaST (or zypper) software installer if you need to install wvdial.

this is where opensuse is different; distros such as ubuntu have the necessary apn settings preloaded so new users do not have to do a manual configure