Cannot configure wireless keyboard and mouse


I’ve bought wireless keyboard and mouse. (Logitech model MK270)

I have two usb/bluetooth devices, but I can not make them work.
Batteries are new, but I don’t see any light on

Do you know what can I do to make them work ?



The logitech devices use a 2.4GHz unifying receiver (not bluetooth) and usbhid driver… just plug that receiver (usually stored in where the batteries go) into a spare USB port and all should be good…?

Install the Solaar package for monitoring/pairing up.

It works !!!

Thaks a lot !!



So the receiver not plugged in, or using solaar?

So the receiver not plugged in, or using solaar?

The receiver is plugged. But I had to install solaar to make the work

Curious. I just plugged in the receiver, pulled the battery slips from keyboard & mouse, switched both on and booted. I’ve never heard of solaar and it’s definitely not installed.

Just Googling for others with mk270 as I can’t get the Calculator hotkey to launch kcalc.

It may have been mis-paired with the receiver… if you have to replace the receiver dongle, solaar is the perfect toolto re-pair/add devices.