Cannot configure kate preferences in 15.5 as in 15.4

I just install 15.5.
I would like to configure kate in 15.5 as in 15.4.
I would like to configure kate without the necessity having a file open.
I would like to have toolbars in that order :
New,Open,Open Recent | Save,Save As, Save All | Close | Delete | Undo,Redo | Close current view, Split Vertical, Split Horizontal | Go Back, Go Forward | Highlighting | Comment, Uncomment

I need help .

Sure! You can disable Welcome page to directly open new blank document when kate is opened.

Go to SettingsConfigure Kate…Session

Disable Option: Show welcome view for new windows

You can also setup the toolbar as you want. For that,

Go to SettingsConfigure Toolbars…

Select Drop down option: Main Toolbar

Just Search and Double click on the options from the Available actions: . They will be added to your toolbar.
You can change position of each option up-down once actions are added to Current actions:.

Hope this will help you.

Ok thank you.

That seems no to ,work for me.
I cannot get this :