Cannot compile latest codelite package: undefined reference to `sqlite3_column_count'

I want to update codelite to version 14.0.2.

I got stuck on

  144s] /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/codelite-14.0.2/sdk/databaselayer/src/dblayer/SqliteResultSetMetaData.cpp:78: undefined reference to `sqlite3_column_count'

I tried adding sqlite3 and its devel package as dependency, but does not work. I believe that cmake could not find sqlite3 files, could it be an issue with the build cmake build file?

I see there is one reference to -lsqlite in the 1 second range on the build log, It should use mariadb… see line 60

Likely tied up with this change…


I add mariadb devel and lib dep, but still same error.