Cannot click buttons in eclipse - maybe jre problem

I cannot click on buttons in eclipse that initiate “big” operations. Only the cancel button works. And the text in a checkbox was invisible.
Here is the whole story:
I want install Subclipse to get involved in our project. I had done this a year befor in an other project on opensuse 11.0. So I downloaded eclipse ganymede via yast an started it. I clicked on help->software update->available software->add site, typed the url and clicked OK. The components appeared and I set the checkboxes. I clicked on install and nothing happend. The button was pushed in. When I go away with the mouse the button pop. If I go over the button the button looks pushed again. Like a mousehover-effect.
So. wtf.
I downloaded eclipse from and there is the same effect, but the box with the components is invisible. When I lay an other window over the window the text are visible after that, but the click on install has not an effect.
I started eclipse from a terminal to see the stderr but there are no error-messages.
I tryed the 3 openjdk-versions on the repository but it is every time the same.
I uninstalled the openjdk and installed the java-1_6_0-sun and java-1_6_0-sun-devel. Now it is a little bit different. I cannot click on OK in the dialog where I have to type the url.

So. Did have any one an idea what …
Thank you for your answers.

Sorry for my bad english and thank you for reading till the end.

Stick to the Sun JRE/JDK and have a read over at the thread in the beta subforum.
A solution is on the 2nd page.

OK. Thank you very much.

Open a shell and type this:

then start eclipse in that shell. That should take care of your issue.

Create a start script with this command to repeat.