Cannot change email address in bugzilla

My old e-mail is in bugzilla - attempts to change it sends you to the novell site and it had the correct e-mail address but bugzilla sees my old one.
Any idea how to change it without going to novell site.

This site has the correct e-mail address - bugzilla has my 12 year old one.

I think you can change your email at

Maybe I should ask how you are accessing bugzilla. You should be using “” or perhaps “”.

If you are using “”, then you are doing it wrongly.

1 Like - the Development tab at the top of this forum goes to 404.

The user preferences account info seems to go to novell rather than to opensuse.

the idp-portal has my correct email address - I even validated the email address again just now.

no change in bugzilla - still the old email address.

When I encountered issues I cleared the browser cache and deleted cookies and web data related to Microfocus/Novell.

I only see that tab when I am not logged in. And I am not getting a 404. Rather, I get a submenu.

The user preferences account info seems to go to novell rather than to opensuse.

I’m not sure where you are seeing that.

In bugzilla - when you select “user preferences” then “account information”
as for the Development click: goes to 404

go here and select account information

For what it’s worth, after moving my login to the new system, I also changed my email address, and was warned that this would break my linkage with bugzilla.

I just logged into using my new credentials. It was interesting to see that the reports option displayed my old email address; going to the “Account Information” tab switches me to a Micro Focus login screen.

Perhaps the full migration has not happened yet, or perhaps this is what the warning on breakage meant.

I have looked around. But I am not seeing “user preferences”. So I’m unable to investigate this.

as for the Development click: goes to 404

I am getting a slightly different link
and I get that both with “firefox” and with “opera”. I’ll try with “konqueror” some time in the future, but I’m currently logged in there, and I don’t see that tab when logged in.

As someone else suggested, maybe you have some cookies and cached data in your browser that is causing wrong results.

go here and select account information

Hmm. Yes, I can try that. But I’m not finding anywhere in bugzilla to get to that link.

If I use that link, it asks me to login at the “microfocus” login page. However, if I go directly to “”, I am already logged in and no login is requested. Similarly, if I get there with an email of a bug report, I am already logged in – providing that the link in the email is to “”. If the link is to “” then I am not logged in, and I have not attempted a login that way.

Okay, I found that Preferences link. I guess I was looking in the wrong place. And yes, if I use that and then go to Account Information, I am taken to a page labelled “Novell login” and it is at the microfocus site. So I guess something wasn’t fully migrated. I’m not sure of the best way to report that problem.

I delete all opensuse, suse and microfocus cookies and the Development tab now works.

It broke my bugzilla login:

  An unexpected error occurred. This could be a temporary problem, or some code   is behaving incorrectly. If this problem persists, please email this page   to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]   with details of what you were doing at the time this message appeared. 

| The external ID ‘larryr’ already exists in the database for ‘’, but your account source says that ‘’ has that ID.


at Bugzilla/ line 163
Bugzilla::Auth::_handle_login_result(…) called at Bugzilla/ line 69
Bugzilla::Auth::login(…) called at line 326
Bugzilla::login(…) called at /srv/bugzilla/docroot/index.cgi line 25

Presumably, one of those email addresses is the old one, and the other is the new one.

I don’t know how to deal with that issue, but the suggest to send email might work.

I did send the e-mail to the address in the screen.
llrain is the new email and walmart is the old email - I used to support SUSE 11 at Walmart.

The are 2 posts relevant to migration:

There is:

You may try a pristine browser profile to get rid of stale data. After fixing your accounts you may revert to your original profile. Don’t visit old pages. Stay with the recommended ones.

Did you yourself try it?

I confirm the problem. And before you start telling me to “clear stale data” - it was in tor browser after restart.

And here is bugzilla page source for Account Information tab:

<td id="tab_account" class="clickable_area" onclick="document.location='https:\/\/\/selfreg\/jsp\/protected\/manageAccount.jsp'">            <a href="">Account Information</a>

Of course another problem is that apparently account information in bugzilla is not really taken from idp-portal (whatever it is …).

There is a stale link in bugzilla > user preferences > account information:

Clicking it makes no sense. Don’t use it.