cannot boot after setting mount point

I’m having this same problem on gnome and kde. When i set a mount point for my secondary hard drive and reboot it just hangs and won’t boot up at all. So i’ having to use the live cd to come on and post this. What do i do?

How did you set you,re mount point manually or
using yast>system>partitioner ?

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I’m going to assume that you’re getting an error as soon as grub tries to load linux. If so GRUB should give you a message about not being able to find something. If this is the problem I’m guessing that you’ve done something to change the order of the drives. You should be able to correct this by changing (hd0,0) to (hd1,0) or vice versa in the file /boot/grub/menu.lst.

If the error is somewhere after grub I don’t think I can help. Be a little more specific with your fault.

You can try changing your /boot/grub/menu.lst to match the new mount point
Maybe you need to post your old mount point and the new mount point so someone can read and compare and give you a more specific advise

Do you see any errors at all during bootup? Having the error messages would help troubleshoot.