Cannot Automount UDF-Based DVDs in openSUSE 11.3

Once I insert a UDF-based DVD, such as a movie or Windows 7 OS install DVD, the disc will not automount in the GNOME desktop. As a result, Nautilus and other gnome programs like Brasero, cannot read the disk.

However, KDE-based apps like k3b and k9copy are perfectly able to detect a DVD with the UDF filesystem for burning or extracting data.

The disc drive is a Plextor PX-716SA SATA-based model.

The problem seems to be endemic to openSUSE 11.3, as UDF-based DVDs automount perfectly fine in Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows Vista on the same computer. In fact, these DVDs had no problems automounting in openSUSE 11.2 prior to performing a clean install of 11.3.

Manually mounting such a DVD does work, using a command such as:

sudo mount -t udf /dev/sr0 /mnt -o ro,session=0,lastblock=1

The DVD movie can be accessed from VLC media player and mplayer, but nevertheless, gnome apps like brasero cannot be used. Why is this happening?

I searched for solutions on these and other forums and I came across these posts here, and here. The solutions proposed therein did not work, including modifying auto.misc and fstab. In another thread on these forums, modifying fstab for removable media was discouraged in versions 11.2 and 11.3.

Any ideas on getting UDF automount working with DVDs? Note that all DVDs used to test were not burned but factory originals. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I have no problem reading UDF; so one possibility in KDE is that you have not configured the Device Notifier. Unfortunately the configuration dialogue is only available when you have something plugged in. So put in anything that will cause the Device Notifier to appear and see if it needs any configuration.

I am using GNOME desktop, thus no Device Notifier. Is there an equivalent for GNOME?