Cannot add widgets to Plasma5 Desktop

On a Lenovo X1 (2014) running OpenSUSE 13.2, I can no longer add any widgets. As soon as I scroll the widget list, I get a segfault in plasmashell. It worked for the first 10 or so widgets, but no longer.

And also, the KDE bug reporter says I do not have enough information, and fails when it tries to install the debug symbols.

You need to enable the “openSUSE-13.2-Debug” repo in YaST. You can either do this while the dialogue box is sitting there prompting you to install debugging symbols, or you can do it another time in preparation for if and when the error you experienced occurred. After the aforementioned repo is enabled, you then can install the debugging symbols. After that, your bug report should contain more information which you can send off to the KDE devs.