cannot add printer!

This is a nearly fresh installed Tumbleweed system (updated).
So I just learned that for adding a printer I should avoid the printer icon in Gnome Settings (wtf!?) and use Yast Print module.
And so I’m doing but… the module load and then the cursor start spinning forever.

I don’t know how to kill Yast using gnome gui (nothing Yast related -at least in the process name- appears in Gnome System Monitor).
I tried again after reboot but I get to the same point.

What should I do PLEASE for adding my printer?
Should somehow the gnome settings driver icon redirect to yast or give a redirection message? (we talking about UI design basics here, and gnome as an option is offered at installation, not talking about an exotic DE here).

Many thanks for kind support

You don’t indicate what model the printer is…

Check cups is enabled and running, if it’s a HP printer, install hplip and run hp-setup (as root user), then as user run hp-toolbox.

I leave the printer OFF when I start Yast2… which just freezes! Doesn’t matter which printer IMHO.

To get cups.service status

systemctl status cups

Not sure what’s up with the YaST printer configuration utility, but assuming you have a running cups server, you could try configuring with the native web interface instead (via a browser)


If you’re configuring a network-attached printer, it helps to disable the firewall first (for automatic detection).