Cannot access repositories from

I reinstalled 42.3, and before everything was working fine. Now I am unable to access repositories. I tried to desactivate ipv6. Sometimes “curl” shows the repos, but mostly shows cannot access page. Does anyone have similar problems ? I live in south america. Is the geolocation a problem ?

I have the same problem while trying to refresh my repositories in yast. I am using Leap 42.2. is down since yesterday due to a hardware failure.

See, and there are also quite a few other threads about that…

Thank you for the information. So I will wait

Thanks for the information and the useful link.

I encountered the same issue, yesterday. However, I switched from HTTP protocol to the FTP protocol and had no problem to continue with the installation. I reckon from what you said above both and ain’t on the same hardware with the same IP Address, are they?

Anyway, now they both are working as of this writing, but my system (on an old Asus mobo with a built-in AMD R3000 GPU) got upgraded from 42.2 to 42.3 with a minor issue, i.e. so far no GUI. :frowning: