Cannot access my NTFS Drives!!!!

Hello guys,
i am new here and just recently moved to linux. I installed opensuse 11.1 but the problem is that i cannot access my NTFS partitions from the dolphin file manager, it gives me the following error…

PS: MISC is the name of the partition with NTFS filesystem.
Any Help!

If they are internal drives, you will have to mount them using fstab.

Here’s how: HowTo Mount NTFS Filesystem Partition Read Write Access in openSUSE 10, 11

If that’s a bit advanced for you, perhaps return some info to here and someone will take you step by step; open a console window and run these commands, copying the session dialogue back here:

  1. cat /etc/fstab
  2. sudo /sbin/fdisk -l
  3. df -Th

The first shows us the file system mounting table (fstab – which partitions should be mounted). The second shows all the partitions, mounted or otherwise. The third shows which partitions actually became mounted. Full in situ picture.

Edit: PS welcome to the land of openSUSE and these forums

Thanks man! The utility ntfs-config worked for me. Now i can access my NTFS drives. :smiley:

Nifty little piece of software that is.