Cannot access installation media

I have installed ver 11.0 from a live CD and I have problem with setting the DNS addresses.

I set the DNS addresses in “Yast/Network Settings”, but when I try to finish it, I got an error in the window “Saving Network Configuration”, on item “Activate network services”:

Cannot access installation media (Medium1).

The “show details” line shows following URL:

“Download (curl) error for ‘’:
Error code:
Error message: Couldn’t resolve host ‘’”

But I think the above URL is invalid. I have tried to access the URL with the web browser and but it says it’s a invalid URL.

After the error, the file /etc/resolv.conf" cleared and I have to edit it manually to get the DNS to work again.

that url is invalid, in fact if you type it in any browser you’ll get an Object not found error.

Try this
Index of /distribution/11.0/repo/non-oss/suse

Maybe you are misunderstanding me. It wasn’t me who typed the invald URL, it was accessed by the “Yast/Network Settings” tool.

is that an entry in your repos list ?