cannot access Ext HD / cannot configure printer / plus other

Am very new to Linux and OpenSuse. Please bear with me with requests for “simple” tutorials as I am still learning the terminal and command lines. Also apologize in advance for posting the “other” dumb problems in the hardware section (trying to save space/time).

Installed openSuse 11.1 on a dell inpsiron 530. No other OS except suse. Followed all updates.

My main hardware challenges …

Suse can see the Ext HD (WD book) but when I click to access, I get an error because of a “unclean shutdown”. I then follow the script tutorial as “su mount -t/ntsf-3g/dev/sdb1/media/Back-up -o force” sinceI no longer have windows to unmount/eject. Reboot and still cannot access. What can I do at this point?

I also cannot configure printer. HP J6450Printer is ethernet to router so other computers can print off. The PC which has suse is ethernet to same router. Router is a time capsule/airport extreme. manage printer>add printer…from then on, I’m lost. May I get a tutorial?

My other dumb challenge/s …

Playing around, I accidentally clicked x on my desktop folder “widget” (that folder that came on on very first post install boot) and I miss that convenience. How do I get it back?

Is there a icon for MY COMPUTER?

Thanks in advance. Am excited and ready linux and opensuse. Am going thru the install guide/documents too.


HowTo Mount NTFS Filesystem Partition Read Write Access in openSUSE 10, 11

Desktop Folder is a widget - unlock desktop and add widget from right click. Look thru the list for Folder View.

CUPS - Explained - openSUSE Forums

I feel your pain with the external hard drive. I tried placing the command in my fstab however that didnt seem to work for me either the only way i could get my drive back in linux was to hook it up to my wifes computer running xp and then do a safely remove hardware and it worked (the windows on the other side of this drive had just shutdown and would no longer open up and play) I would at least try placing the command in fstab and see if it does you any good.