Cannat access Samba Share from XP prof.

I had a samba server now for a couple of years and it still ran on SuSE 8.2. Now I have set up a new server with openSUSE 11.1 and setup the samba shares with the same names as on the old server. On other openSUSE or Linux boxes I can access the shares through CIFS mounts, but I have one notebook for the administration of our club administration and used the old server for backing up the member data. Now with the new one I can not see it when I try to connect. I have already set the firewall settings on the server to allow netbios and samba. Does anyone have a hint?


So simple ping to the linux box works ok from the WinXP machine ? via ip and/or name ?

Have you tried mapping a drive to the share via ip rather than by name ? I am wondering if name resolution is working ?

What ports did you open on the linux firewall ? TCP 139 UDP 138, 137 ?

Have you created the relevant user account on the linux box, and set the passwd with smbpasswd -a ?

Is the share set as browseable in smb.conf ?

Need more info to help… post the smb.conf if you can as well as some network setting info for your config.


Name resolution looks to be not working; these things relate to name resolution:

  • Three places to open in the firewall: netbios server, samba server and Broadcast replies
  • Linux machines [global] stanza in smb.conf contains these lines:

workgroup = consistent_name
netbios name = unique_name
name resolve order = bcast host lmhosts wins
local master = yes
os level = 33

except for one server which has also:
preferred master = yes
and an os level of 65

  • the Samba daemons are running. Can check with these commands:
    sudo /usr/sbin/rcnmb status
    sudo /usr/sbin/rcsmb status