Canfield (sol)

I have a suse desktop system running v11.2. While running the sol game (in canfield mode) I switched to Fullscreen mode using the View > Fullscreen option. Now it’s in Fullscreen mode I can’t get it back out again, which also means I can’t close the game. I’ve tried pressing F11 which brings it back to normal mode for ~1 second and then it jumps back to Fullscreen.

This is starting to get annoying as it means after I’ve opened a game I can’t do anything else on the system easily.

I’ve tested on my laptop (running same config) and it works fine, can Fullscreen and out again with ease.

I presume I could re-install the sol program but I would like to know what is causing the issue first before I do that.

Hello jkraw90,

Do you use KDE or GNOME?
Do you have desktop effects enabled or do you run Compiz?

Are they running the same openSUSE version and the same DE?

And can you run other programs fullscreen on your computer?
Because it could be a graphics card driver problem.

This shouldn’t make any difference because the config-files are stored in your home folder.
So if you want to run it again just rename the config files of sol and try it again.

Best of luck!:wink:

I’m running Gnome, and I have no desktop effects enabled. I can run other programs fullscreen without issue so I don’t think its a graphic issue (onboard graphics only though)

When I said re-install I meant remove the configs and start again, should of made that clear. I know that gets me out of fullscreen but it happens again so I’d like to try solve what is causing the issue.

What happens if you copy over the config files from the well working system, and put them on the system where it does not work? You may have to change ownership.