Cancel Windows Domain Membership durin Suse installation


I am installing SUSE 11.2, and went with the default options, now it reached the point of “Windows Domain Membership”. At job I do not remember the right names, so I tried some but I get an error message which says “cannot use the group “WORKGROUP” for Linux authentication”, etc.

So I would like to avoid windows authentication, but at this point I do not see this option. I can only try domain names or abort the installation.

What could I do here in order to finish the installation without windows memebership?


I never even saw such questions during an install. But there may be reasons for that, like;
. having no MS windows system sitting on the system;
. Having on sitting, but it is not exporting (or how that may be called in MS windows);
. I always do manual config, but even then I have not seen anything like that asked for.

Couldn’t you go into that MS windows thingy and stop the exporting so it is not seen by an intelligent install? Just a suggestion. As you may have understood in the meantime, I do know next to nothing about MS windows.

You could try disconnecting the computer from the network during install (if you’re not doing a net install, obviously :))