Can you update every version to 11.0

Is it possible to update every version of suse to 11.0 or is ther a limit???

Please let me know…

Because of the drastic changes in the kernel from version to version it is not advisable to upgrade from version to version due to system configuration conflicts.

I never upgrade from version to version, but I’ve another system which keeps my data safe.

/boot MUST be the very first partition of your harddisc or grub may be going ballistic.

Create a separate partition for the /home directory.

If you want to “upgrade”, you need to choose NEW INSTALL and do the partitioning manually in order to find your /home directory. Format all the partitions again, but DON’T format the /home partition.

openSUSE 11 represents a significant upgrade, and in particular package management upgrades (with rpm) mean that it is best to install this distro version clean. In any case, you should back up your /home directory (or partition) first before installing.

Explained here

That’s only relevant to a hot upgrade which isn’t supported as here

Also whilst I personally wouldn’t recommend it I know there is a few that do use the upgrade facility on the install media very successfully.

The comments I’ve seen are no greater than 2 versions i.e 10.2 => 11. YMMV in doing this and should it get tricky you may be problem solving on your own.

I have successfully done upgrades from time to time, but I too typically do a reinstall. I just keep my /home directories on a different partition so that I can wipe out the / partition at will, and keep all of my personal files/settings/etc. I will admit that a few times this has resulted in some interesting GNOME/KDE settings, but those are generally easily fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks for all help guys