can you run zypper update by date?

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Is it possible to run zypper or other update tool and ask it to update your system with all updates prior or up to a certain date, instead of getting all updates?
This would be on opensuse 12.3 64bit and newer if that makes a difference.

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Curtis Rubel

I think you either specify a package, group of packages or all packages but not based on a date cut-off as I recall. I do have a Zypper Bash script you should have a look at:

Zypper Command - Zypper Package Management Menu System - Version 2.00 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

And here is the latest Zypper document:

openSUSE 12.3: Chapter 9. Managing Software with Command Line Tools

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What’s the purpose of this? I don’t think it’s possible in zypper, but if you explain your situation, maybe somebody can think of a different approach.

Sorry for my late reply, I have been out of the country nor did I receive any notifications that my question/thread had been replied too for some reason.

This issue came up so that we can ensure our entire workgroup of developers is on the same exact set of updates. We have been running into some strange issues when everyone is not on the same update levels, especially if the updates include some of our developer tools. As well as trying to keep our end user(s) at the same update set as we are developing on. Seems just running around and updating all the systems can leave them at different levels as the update site is updated in-between all of our systems being updated.

I have not found any way to specify a date range for this.

The next option is to setup our own update site and have everyone update from it I guess. Our own update site can then be frozen for as long as necessary, to get everyone at the
same exact update level.

Thank you…

Make a local mirror of the repos and only update from your mirrors. You can you rsync periodically to keep your local data synced with the repos. Then have your developers and your customers only update from your mirror

OK thank you everyone…

I have my mirror setup now and it seems to be working fine…

Would be nice to have a date option on zypper updates though…:wink:

Why don’t you request it?