Can you access a scanner from a virtual machine

Can I access a USB scanner from Windows XP running in a Virtualbox virtual machine on OpenSuse 11.1 or 11.2?

I need to purchase a scanner, and the support for scanners under linux appears to be somewhat limited. I have a Virtualbox virtual machine in which I can run Windows XP, and since all of the scanners I have seen are strongly supported under that OS I was wondering if I could just access the scanner from Windows XP under the virtual machine. That way if I buy a scanner and can’t get it to work under OpenSuse (I’m currently using v11.1 on one computer and v11.2 on another computer), I can still get it to work by using the VM.

Thank you.

But mine works in Linux

I think you need the PUEL edition of VBox for this as this has the USB access addon. If you can get XP to recognise USB devices on the host, then I think you can get a scanner to work. All the same you might want to double check at the VBox forums.

I think you need the PUEL edition of VBox
Quite correct of course:)

Wow, that was incredibly fast response, thank you! I’ll try accessing a USB flash drive from the VM, and assume if I can access it I can also access other USB devices, such as a scanner.

Now for the stupid question: What does the acronym PUEL stand for?

Personal Use Evaluation Licence

Virtual Box (Sun Version) Install HowTo - openSUSE Forums

I use linux, my HP F340 All-in-One works fine.

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