Can We upgrade suse through online update?

Hi everybody. I am a little new to suse . I have got ubuntu also. When 8.04 was released I upgraded it through the update manager . So my question is :can same be done with suse also? And if so, how?

I will appreciate all help. Many thanks in advance.

As of the 11.0 release you can…but not with earlier versions.

zypper dist-upgrade

So this means that I would have to download the dvd to get my system upgraded!

Well, thanks for the info.

bhadotia wrote:

> So this means that I would have to download the dvd to get my system
> upgraded!
> Well, thanks for the info.

Minor quibble - you can get the Network Install CD iso - about 70-odd meg -
and update online with that. I used it for a couple of machines w/o DVD
readers. “Slow” is being kind unless you are on a T1 - about 3.2GB worth
of update on a 10.2 system.

Will Honea

Since DS1 (T1) is only 1.54Mbps, it would still be quite slow :wink:

Yes, I just had to say it. I’ll go back to my closet now :frowning:

If you change the sources in Yast to point to the 11.0 repos, you can use System Update in Yast to update. You will have to manually work through some dependency issues if you have third party packages installed (though if they’re things like packman, just change the sources to the 11.0 repo as well).

Having said that, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. 11.0 introduces some significant infrastructure changes over previous versions, that a clean install is probably preferable.

As Will Honea pointed out, you can use the network install .iso, and have the packages pulled directly from internet. However, the “3.2GB” remark is a little misleading. Yast reports uncompressed pacakge sizes for download, yet the compressed .rpms are significantly smaller. I’ve done online upgrades using a mid-range broadband connection in the past, and I’ll admit that it can take up to a couple of hours to download and install all the packages, but I wouldn’t call that crippling. I’ve had the same experience with updating Ubuntu in the past.

The advantage to a clean install, though, is that you’re only installing what you need, and not upgrading things that may have been installed in the previous version.

Just my 2c…