Can we screen share just one monitor or perhaps an area of screen space?

I have a 6 monitors in a grid of 3 across by 2 down making one very large display area. When I screen share the space is just too large for most people. Is there a way in Linux to share less than all the screen space? Defining an area of the screen to share would be nice but selecting just one or two monitors to share would work as well.

I’m using OpenSuSE 13.2.

You don’t say which desktop you are using. KDE offers various options to control how multiple screens display output though I have never wanted to do what you are asking. So I do not know if it is possible in KDE.

OH, sure, I am using KDE4. I used to Gnome all the time but made the switch recently.

Then have a play with System settings (Configure desktop)>Display and monitor>Display configuration.

I’ve used those to setup my configuration. I don’t see how they could help with this problem.