Can we have a security distro like Backtrack or Gnacktrack?

Hi guys…

I’m wondering … can we have a specific distro like Backtrack or Gnacktrack but the based is OpenSUSE?

I’m using Backtrack for doing my task … and to me …it’s hassle to have both distro in my hard drive, why not we can have a specific distro which based on OpenSUSE to do the penetration testing. It’s possible?


Have a look at Welcome – SUSE Studio Not sure if it will do what you want but you should be able to find out whether you can do what you want this way.

Hi John…

Won’t be enough with SUSE Studio… coz there are lots of apps to do with peneration testing that I have to compile manually… that why I’m wondering … is there any members that would like to compile specific apps like Backtrack but the based is openSUSE… to me I would like to join if there are chances that we can be work it together… :wink:

Hi guys…

i just got a Penetration Testing based on OpenSUSE … It’s called NetScl

Here some wording from their official website…

NetSecL is a hardened,live and installable OS based on OpenSuse suitable for Desktop/Server and Penetration testing. Once installed you can fully enjoy the features of GrSecurity hardened kernel and penetration tools OR use the penetration tools directly from your live DVD. GrSecurity is a great security enhancement that you can enjoy with NetSecL and have a normally functional OS together with the NetSecL Firewall and Penetration tools you are always ready and know at what level your security is.

URL: Home

It’s time for aria2c -s50 … :wink: