Can update to new version of SUSE ???

Hi all !
I used openSuSE 11.2 liveCD Gnome <2.28>.So can I update my openSuSE to the latest version <milestone> or step by step? What should I do ?
I want to know more about openSuSE !
P/s: sorry for my english:)

When you want a stable system for whatever you normal use your system for, do not update to a Milestone or an RC. Go for 11.3 a few monthes after it is released and it is settled down. And even then I personaly will most probably stick to 11.2 until it’s end of support is coming near.

When you want to help testing the coming 11.3 release, then use the Milestones and RCs, test and communicate errors/problems. That will help to get a good 11.3. But this is not stable and you should have some idea about how to test and identify problems. Of course the community welcomes every contribution to this testing.