Can this by done with the YAST installer. Tumbleweed.

I want to install on 2 SSDs. A 120GB for / formatted BTRFS and a 1TB Formatted EXT4 for /home. Can I do this with the Partitioning tool in the YAST installer?

Why not?

It will offer you a proposal that you do not want to follow. Then go for editing the partitioning and make it to your liking.

Remember that you can always bail out at that point when you do not trust what you have done. That is before the installer warns you that if you continue things wil happen. So jump into it, and when you encounter questions, bail out and ask here. But of course make notes so you can describe in detail what you did and saw.

Is any special care needed when using SSDs? Like not having a /swap so you don’t wear out your SSD prematurely? I don’t swap out currently (8 GB ram) so having it is wasting space too. I remember back when I ran Mandrake I did an install once with no swap. There were no problems and I never missed it.

I exclusive do this using the “expert partitioner”
~500MB /boot/EFI
~120GB /
~large /home/
~some SWAP

You could keep some SWAP just for emergency purposes and reduce the swappiness after installation, and also you can add a “discard” as an option for the SSDs in fstab. I don’t have SWAP on my machines with 32GB RAM, but I have about 16GB for machines with 16GB RAM

When your experience is that your system usage can live without it, then you can live without it. OTOH when you have it and it is never used, I doubt about the “wear out”.

You do need swap when you want to hibernate the system to disk.

Don’t worry about the wearing of SSD’s. There’s a lot of FUD out there re. this subject. Simply use them as you would any spinning disk.