can' t register openSUSE 11.2 through YAST2

Dear openSUSE people,
thanks for this new release and if it works out, you will have a new “customer” in me:-)

I’ m having troubles registering my openSUSE software through YAST2.

I’ m clicking on the Support part and then on registration for support and if i click on next in the newly opened window to register immediately, it first checks my package manager and then comes with a windows saying I need to do a manual step.

I’ m seeing this:

To register your product manually, use the following URL:

Information on Novell’s Privacy Policy:
Submit information to help you manage your registered systems.
Privacy Policy

However, if I click on continue on the first link, it just close my browser. So nothing happens.

How can I solve this?

Thanks in advanced,

You would need to send an e-mail to Novell instead to openSUSE forums with that.

That threw me at first too - it says it “can’t do the update workflow” until it’s been registered, or something.

Frankly, I have no idea what any of it means. If you want to update your system, go to YaST software management, then put the filter on repositories, and select ‘all in this list’ -> ‘update if newer version available’. Or just run ‘zypper up’ from a root command line.

Isn’t the registration just for people having the boxed edition of openSUSE which get some time of limited support for it??

Could well be - that would make sense.

I just remember when I first installed it being presented with a dialogue box which seemed to imply that it couldn’t be updated without registration.

That, evidently, isn’t what it meant - it just isn’t obvious.

If i am not wrong then the same registration tool is in SLED/SLES which will block people from updating until they register, it’s here just for those who bought the box BUT it won’t block the updates :slight_smile:

Registration is not necessary, don’t go there in openSUSE.

You can only register the boxed version that you paid for. The registration just starts the timer on your support.:slight_smile:

I have the same problem with 11.2. I consider this a defect. If registering openSUSE is not supported, there should be no option to do so in YaST. The “Online Update Configuration” section in YaST is not at all clear. The wording makes it sound like registering is required to get access to the update servers, but they appear to be already added since “zypper update” works fine.