can' t find mach_kernel

Good evening.After a cut in my house’ s power supply (the pc was working),i got the title message when i tried to boot into suse (12.1).Any ideas?

I have never seen such an error message before in Linux. Searching on “can’ t find mach_kernel” seems to bring up topics for Mac or Apple computer booting. Can you tell us any more than you have so far?

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Problem solved.You are right,the name brings to mind a mac system.I have a dual boot system in which i added the linux (suse) entry through easybcd (a program that runs in windows in which you adjust which os you have,boot order etc).So i added the linux entry again and it worked.I hope i do not have to do that everytime the power cuts off.

Let me add that a UPS (around $100 US) can prevent such problems in the future. I have added one to my system since I had a power failure last year and had to reload openSUSE. It is a very common problem for desktops and a UPS of some sort is the only real solution for it. Power failures do occur when you least expect. I prefer the APC brands and use them at work and at home, highly recommended and Linux drivers exists for most APC models.

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