Can someone please help get the Live CD internet working

I have an older Laptop (HP ze5200 - 2.8GHz) I would like to install SUSE. I tried the live CD to check it out, but can’t get the internet to work.

In Windows, my minipci card had a (known) low connection, so I used a cardbus that worked real good. Windows has no problems with it, but maybe that’s the reason?

Out of 4 distros I’ve tried, SUSE is the only one that recognizes my battery (Known problem in ubuntu where some full battery’s register as 0%)

I am tired of Windows 7, computer not good enough to run Vista, XP is used on my Desktop, so I can’t install,
I cringe at using my 98 Disc, so the only thing left is Linux.

Please help. Thank you,

Is it wireless ir wired connection you are trying to use ? Lots more info required please


If it’s wireless you may want to read the sticky in the wireless forum it has some commands in it that help you provide more information.

OK, sorry about the vage message. The other Distros I tried I didn’t get any respones even after I posted the results. Was tired and didn’t want to go long and not have anyone respond.

I will try and post right back. From what I remember in the other Distros, Cut and paste doesn’t work in terminal. It was way to long to type out. Not sure what to do on that.

It’s wireless by the way.

I was thinking in bed last night. I have 5-8 connections at my apartment (mine and several others in the area). It never got to, or could not bring up the chose of what connection to connect to.

I will post back.

Thank you for the replies,

OK. I have “00.0a.0 CardBus bridge: 02 Micro, Inc. 0z601/6912/711e0 Cardbus/Smart CardBus Controller.”

The sticky talks about USB and PCi. What next?

P.S. This time a full Battery says 0% (Another thread).


This time I clicked the earth. I got a few connections. I see mine at 100%. Could not conect to it tho.
Now the status bar is way low. Not sure what %.