Can someone help with this Howto_setup_SUSE_10.3_as_Samba_PD

I have read the how to at Howto setup SUSE 10.3 as Samba PDC - openSUSE
and would like to discuss some of the problems i am having in following the instructions. Particularly the slapadd command to import the ldif file. It is not clear where the ldif file should be saved nor where the command should be executed from.

I also have a problem earlier in this tute with installing the cpan libraries I issue cpan at the cli and it asks me if i want to allow it to do its thing automatically or manually, I select automatically and it runs on for about fifteen minutes download, installing, trying to compile with failures etc (far too fast for me to read) about 2000 lines and then ends (what the ? did it do)

any help would be much appreciated

Okay well I managed to get past those problems It seems the command to install the ldif file is incorrect and can be done by modifying the command shown in the tute.

And I finally sorted out cpan and can now make perl makefiles as needed.

The problem I am now faced with is at the point of adding users to the ldap using smbldap-useradd command where it returns:

srv1-suse103:~ # smbldap-useradd -m -a root
Error: modifications require authentication at usr/sbin// line 1187.

Q) what modifications? what do i do about it? mostly what does it mean?


I’ve exactly the same situation. Help appreciated! Robert.

On Tue November 11 2008 05:06 pm, shacklr wrote:

> I’ve exactly the same situation. Help appreciated! Robert.

Have you looked at the relevant sections of the “Samba3-HowTo”
and "Samba3-ByExammple found in the following directory:

The following HowTo written for SLES should pretty well apply to OpenSuse as

Unless you have a real need for a ldapsam backend (100 or more clients and or
BDC’s), it is much easier to just use tdbsam.

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