Can someone help me install this bootsplash?

I found this bootsplash and I really like it. Could someone please help me install it at a resolution of 1280x800?

I really need that resolution because I can’t seem to get the openSUSE bootsplash at that resolution. Only 1024x768. Also, is this the bootsplash before logging in or after logging in? I have this problem with the splash before logging in. The one after is the correct resolution. If this bootsplash from KDE-look is for the splash after login, then could someone please help me set the bootsplash before login to be 1280x800 instead of 1024x768?

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Could someone please help?

I searched in Linux Forums, and found this:

extract theme to /etc/bootsplash/themes/

use Yast: Yast>system>/etc/sysconfig Editor>system>boot>theme>type name of theme -> Finish

optional step:
edit /etc/sysconfig/themes and check the line:
(Comment: I can’t checked it,because I haven’t got themes file/folder in the sysconfig folder )

as superuser (root) type in terminal:
mkinitrd -s (size)x(size)

Thanks! I’ll try that as soon as I get back on my openSUSE box

Well, I didn’t install that bootsplash, instead I tried the last command to resize the current one, and it killed my current one and leaves me with a 1024x768 text boot sequence.

I guess I’ll just try to install that one and follow your commands exactly.

Don’t forget this howto guide:
Custom splash screen - openSUSE

there is also this guide:
SDB:Changing the Splash Screen’s Default Settings - openSUSE