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I’m having problems with my HP psc 1315 (all-in-one) I’m unable to get it to print. it was working just fine but one day i got an up date and now it has stop working all together…it appears to be a driver problem. but I’m not 100% sure.i have open suse 11.0-64x2 amd if that helps. i deleted my printer and reinstalled >:( one but i still get a printer stopped message when i open up my manager.if I’m not root then i can not change the stop to resume.but it still kicks me out and stops the section?? any help is greatly appreciated…

When you say you are loading the printer driver, are you using the hp-setup program? hp-setup is installed by default using the application hplip from the openSUSE-OSS repositories. Now, I am using the HP driver just fine, but I am up to openSUSE 11.2 and can’t remember if an issue existed back then. I do remember having to do a manual load of an hp driver before openSUSE 11.2, which did not work as well. With your other printerr driver uninstalled, you might start software management and search for hp. If hplip is present, you just use the Run Command to type in hp-setup. The program will even update itself if required. If you are using a networked printer and have the openSUSE firewall enabled, you may want to add the cups program to the allowed external services list.

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My HP setup went weird too after an update. Some things to keep in mind:
Make sure you are still in the lp group.
Add yourself to the cups password group.
When you run hp-setup (if you are networked) manually input the address for the printer. You shouldn’t have to but sometimes you do.
In the HP device manager, add each function separately (print, fax, scan)as a separate device. My scan software can no longer find my scanner. But, if I open the HP device manager and select scan, it invokes my scanning software (xsane). The HP device manager gives me the option to scan under the printer installation.
I had to fiddle with all this just once after an update and all subsequent updates have been ok. I’m up to 11.2

Back when I had 11.0 I had problems like you have & I had to go here:
HP Linux Imaging and Printing
They have a how to complete with screenshots.

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