Can remove apps under Development categories?

I’m using 11.1 KDE4.2 x86-64,download from KDE website.
After successful installation,I start remove those apps I
ll never touch. Come to Development categories,like Unbrello,KUIviewer etc,about 8 apps,now I just hide them in Menu,but I wanna uninstall them all. Can I just uninstall them? Would it cause problem? :slight_smile:](

YaST>Software Management>Search

Each of the apps will have a tick on it; you have to click on this twice to get the dustbin and you will probably get a warning after the first click. Cancel this and click again to get the dustbin. Then read any error message.

Repeat with each application.

That is the safest way to find out whether it is safe to remove any software and what effect that is likely to have.