Can not use Yast Software Center

I just migrated from Ubuntu. I really want to use and learn openSUSE.

I can not download anything from the Yast Software Center.
I get this error.

An error occurred during repository initialization.
SKIP request: User-requested skipping of a file

  • Empty destination in URI: hd:///?device=/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-1USB_DISK_2.0-part1

It appears I need my bootable USB in order to do any software downloads.

Any suggestions?

in yast go to software repositories and disable the install medium, while you’re there add the packman and the nvidia or ati repositories for much better experience

That was an easy fix!
Thanks for the help!!

BTW, your thread title does not really cover your problem. You get your error while using YaST > Software > Software Management. That means without doubt that you started YaST with success. It is only in this Software Management part you have a problem.

YaST is much, much more then only Software Management. When you have some spare time, look around there to find out what features of YaST might be useful to you in your future system management actions.