Can not set background

I modified one of the backgrounds but I can not change my desktop picture.

It does not show up in the list and I tried opening as well.

What am I doing wrong ?


What is the difference between the “background” and the “desktop picture”?

When you mean the KDE wallpaper of your desktop, you can change that e.g. by right-click in an empty space and first Unlock Widgets. Then repeat the right-click and choose Configure Desktop (or similar, I have a non-English one here). The window that pops-up then is clear enough I assume. Dop not forget to Lock Widgets afterwards.

I did that using Default desktop settings.

no luck.

I got it to work by deleting every wallpaper except what I wanted.

Cleared some disk space 2. :slight_smile:


Well that certainly is not normal LOL :open_mouth:

I though LOL was lots of luck.

LOL - laughing out loud