Can not record sound

As I demonstrated earlier (I had no idea what a mixer is used for and why one need one in the first place) I do not understand fully all the possibilities (and thus hassles) sound can lead you into. I read oldcpu’s sticky (of course) and I am very willing to provide the information asked for there. But I hope that just explaining my problem might return an answer like: that is very easy, you forgot to do …

openSUSE 10.3 and KDE3.5. Sound card is detected as Intel HDA 82801G and is working OK. Now I want to record sound that is played by any application thriough the card and tried krecord. I also tried kwave (which always said: memory full, even after I configured that) and Audacity. Apartfrom kwave the other two start recording, but nothing but silence is recorded.

I found some information on the Internet, including some advice on playing with the mixer. I tries kmixer and alsamixer (btw can these two be run both, I saw some of the changes I did in alsamixer being rflected in kmixer and others not). All in vain.

I also noted that krecord seems to use OSS and not ALSA. Is this a problem?

Audacity has a menu that gives the choice between Capture 0, Capture 1 and Capture digital. That seems to be mirrored by the rulers Capture, Capture and Digital in kmixer and alsmixer. They are at about 40%.

Where do I show ignorance, or do I better to provide the full information asked for in the sticky?

boven:~ # uname -a
Linux boven #1 SMP 2008-12-18 10:17:03 +0100 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
boven:~ # rpm -qa | grep alsa
boven:~ # cat /etc/modprobe.d/sound

options snd-hda-intel enable=1 index=0

options snd-usb-audio enable=1 index=1
# u1Nb.YXLVJTP2ce0:82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller
alias snd-card-0 snd-hda-intel
# uniq.unknown_key:USB Audio
alias snd-card-1 snd-usb-audio
boven:~ #

I don’t have any simple " that is very easy, you forgot to do … " answers. If you want such a simple reply, then ignore my post. Maybe someone else has the answer. I don’t.

I find setting up recording under Linux difficult. Invariably I spend a fair amount of time (relative time for me) getting my mic to work. On Sunday while trying to fix poor quality recording with the mic on my Laptop, it stopped working, and still have not got it back … BAD ON ME for not keeping a record of my functional settings, BEFORE I started messing with it.

When I test my mic, I typically use a simple arecord command. ie something likearecord -d 10 myrecording.wavor
arecord -d 10 -f cd secondrecording.wavwhere “-d 10” sets a 10 second recording. I then play back the recording with xine or mplayer or xmms (or any audio playback program).

The benefit of such a simple test, is there is no other software inbetween, where there could a problem with the software (as opposed to the hardware configuration, or the mixer configuratin).

But I for certain can not comment on the failure of ANYONE to get their recording working, unless I have VERY DETAILED information on their PC hardware and software audio configuration. Why such detail? Because I am not sitting at their PC. Because I have no knowledge of their hardware. Because I have no knowledge as to how their mic is configured. Because I have no knowledge of their mixer settings (where the mic is very sensitive to a single bad mixer setting). Without the detail, its impossible to provide an accurate assessment.

There was a time, when I simply refused to try help users with record problems, because , frankly, its a real pain. I find it a pain on my PCs, so I am not surprised others find it a pain. But no one else was stepping up to the plate and providing solutions that worked, so I have stepped in with my typically give me ALL INFORMATION approach. I have to type a LOT asking for information, and it is very consuming on my time. Hence I don’t like this. But as noted, no one else was stepping up to the plate and providing solutions that worked. If one does not like my requests, they can ignore my posts.

… and maybe I’ll go back to ignoring “can not record sound threads” as I find them very difficult to support.

Anyway, if you do wish to have me look at this further, then I need the output URL of running in a terminal or konosole with their PC connected to the internet:

wget -O && bash

JUST THE URL. Don’t provide the rest. It just clutters up the thread and I won’t read it. :slight_smile:

and also type:
rpm -qa | grep alsa
rpm -qa | grep pulse
rpm -q libasound2
and provide here the output.

Looking at your /etc/modprobe.d/sound file output, suggests to me you have two sound cards/devices? Also, which mic are you trying to use? An integrated mic or the line in mic to one of your sound cards?

… and if you find it a pain to do the above, then I understand. Simply don’t reply, … as I also have other things I would rather do (such as getting my laptop’s mic to work again). :slight_smile:

I am going to provide the URL, no problem. But before we are going to misunderstand each other: I am not trying to record from a mic. When I search the forum for recording problems, I noticed that the mic was almost always involved, but I am not trying that. I am trying to record what I already hear from my loudspeakers. When I play an mp3 from the net, I can instead download the mp3. But when the sound from the net is e.g. played via Flash that can not be done. My searching on the net showed me that people are using applications like kwave and krecord for recording this.

And now the link:

And I fully am aware of the pain int rying to resolve these sort of problems. I will be glad when we get it working. But not at the cost of hours of debugging, certainly not on your part. It has to stay a hobby, hasn’t it?

Sorry, forgot about these:

boven:~ # rpm -qa | grep alsa
boven:~ # rpm -qa | grep pulse
boven:~ # rpm -q libasound2
boven:~ #

The second sound card is an UBS connected webphone (if that is the right name). I do not use it and I can deconnect easily if that makes things more clear. There is also a TV card. Both show also up in kmixer.

Good thing you pointed this out. I completely missed that important point, which is clear in your first post, if one reads your post carefully.

What you want to do, is often difficult. The reason being that some web sites, who create streaming audio, from the web, often have a mandate to try and make it absolutely and completely impossible to do what you want to do.

Hence sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is difficult, and sometimes the “state of the art” hacks/workarounds, just do not work for some sites.

For firefox, I typically use download helper:
DownloadHelper - Media download Firefox extension

… but I can tell you now it does not work for all sites. As noted some web sites specifically try to prevent this copying of audio that is being played on your PC (from the web). This is one area where the “hacks” for MS-Windows work better than the “hacks” for Linux.

Thanks for your explanation.

As I already supposed, that recording from a web-source that does not like that, would be difficult, I just reverted my tests to playing an mp3 using Amarok and trying to record that (not very usefull in itself). With no avail.

But I am first going after your FF hint and report back.

Hm, installed the FF Download Helper extension. For pages having links to mp3 files I think Kget in Konqueror works better. For the page that I wanted to rip from (and that uses Flash) it is not of any help (which is most probably the intention of the web-master).

Until now I use Konqueror for downloading single mp3s and Kget when there are a lot of them on a page. I use Streamripper to rip broadcasts in the batch so I can listen to them on a more convenient time.

This brought me to the point that I thought it must be possible to rip other music (from e.g. Flash) because they are simply bits in my system, so it must be possible to store those bits in the right order onto disk.

Now that may be a more difficult then I thought, but it still wonders me why I can not record from the Capture channel what is played on the soundcard by Amarok.

You didn`t tell us which Amarok ur using it,so I can try maybe tonight or next day;)

I was not at home today, sorry for the delay. It may seem that I am not interested, but that is not true.

I can tell you what Amarok version (1.4.10), but I do not think that is of much importance. I want to capture from my sound card whoever is making sound on it. I also listened to a stream via Konqueror (one that I can rip directly with Streamripper), but Audacity does not record anything.

Long time no see. I do not know if anybody still watches this thread, but as I have some more info, I will add that.

I also have another PC in the home. It has a different sound card: 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC’97 Audio Controller. I went there and kmixer had much more controls. Using the switch Mix I got what I want!

So it seems a completely hardware feature that you have or not.

Thanks all who tried to help. Case closed.

Can you elaborate by giving all the settings in kmixer after you got it working.