Can not play Audio CD or MM DVD

Check 2 in your error-check show this:

error: rpmdbNextIterator: skipping h# 1022 Head V3 RSA/SHA256-signatur: BAD, key-id 3dbdc284

Is there a serious error or is just the whole multi-media package missing. I have installed 11.2 from live CD.

Thanks for telling us you have openSUSE-11.2.

Can you also tell us what desktop ? KDE4 ? Gnome ? Xfce ? Other ? … and what version of the desktop ?

Can you tell us what application you are trying ? And whose packaged version of that application and what the version number of that application might be?

That error message does not help me solve this, so I think we need the above information to find a different way to solve this.

I did a new installation from scratch and now everything seems alright. Using “Kaffeine” by the way, it’s that application that starts up when you load a CD.

I think there was a trouble with the update manager not operating well. This time I was more thorough when installing and now Suse 11.2 shines! Thank you for the help, Peter